Why Stüned

Because we all want the Best for our Business

Responsive Web Design

The size of the website responds to the device it's being viewed on, and scales, and reorganizes itself automatically to best suit the viewer. Stüned ensures that your website works on your desktop computer, tablet and mobile phone, ensuring that no matter where you are, the audience can continue to use your website on any device. Maximizing the potential to convert that visit into a sale.

Basic SEO Optimisation, Adwords

A good looking website is worth nothing if it cannot be found by your potential customers. Stüned will optimise your website's content and images with our proof readers and SEO experts to give you the best chances of ranking well naturally in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing

Hosting & Support

Stüned won't leave you hanging after your website is complete. Stüned team will train your relevant staff members and provides them with much needed support over the first 6 months inclusive with all of our packages

Professional Design

Stüned believes that your web presence reflects everything your business is all about. All our themes are designed and developed by highly experienced developers. Stüned follows current online trends and makes sure that your site will have the same effective and engaging content for years to come. Don't miss out, contact Stüned today and we'll present you with various options for your future website.

State of the art software

Stüned uses WordPress platform. It is the most common and powerful open source content management system(CMS) on the market. Your future site will be compatible across every web browser and smart device. Whether you want to run a blog or online store, Stüned will have you covered.

Google Places Integration

Google Places allows your business to be listed on Google Maps, so that your customers can quickly locate you using search engines. When a potential customer searches for the service or product that your business offers, it would listed within the organic web listings as well as in Places.

Meet some of our team

Great Product = Teamwork
Simon Konks

Simon Konks

Founder, Web Developer, Web Designer

After years in design and marketing for other companies the idea of Stüned was born, to provide customised web based solutions for small businesses and startups.

Reigo Salumäe

Reigo Salumäe

Graphic Designer, Photographer

Reigo Specialises in Illustrations & Graphical Design, Photography.


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